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Would you like to sell a property? Our brokers and experts are there to help you in your choices every step of the way and to guide you through the sometimes complex procedures of a sale.

Our experience in this field and our in-depth knowledge of the market are our strengths for your success!

The key to the successful sale of a property

Why should I appoint a real estate professional for the sale of my property?

Given the sums of money invested and the complexity of transactions, the sale of a property requires careful planning and support.

With our real estate brokers, you can count on our team as objective allies who have your interests at heart. Working with a broker will give you every chance to succeed in your transaction while enjoying unparalleled security and peace of mind.

For most of us, real estate is the most precious asset we have. It is, therefore, important for both the seller and the buyer to be able to get answers to specific questions, including the current state of the real estate market and how it has evolved.

The success of a real estate transaction depends on several factors that only a real estate professional will be able to take into account and explain thoroughly.

Real estate law is a complex field and many documents and actions are necessary before a transaction can be completed. These include:  
  • The CECB Cantonal Energy Certificate
  • Compliance with the L3PL Cantonal Housing Law in Vaud 
  • Extract from the land register, and servitudes
  • The genuine deed of sale
  • The mortgage bond
  • Real estate gain  

With a real estate professional at your side, you will complete each step with peace of mind. Our brokers will save you all the hassles related to the financial, technical and legal decisions that need to be taken. As members of professional associations, namely the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals in the canton of Vaud (USPI), our brokers are bound by integrity and professionalism since they must respect all ethical rules, audit financial statements and take out liability insurance.

Can I sell my property without a broker in order to save on the brokerage commission?

The tools available on the internet can lead one to believe that selling a property alone, without using a broker, is very simple and saves from paying a brokerage commission.

But is economizing on the sales commission really a good saving? Are you ready to welcome prospective buyers visiting your home, answer phone queries from buyers but also from snooping bargain hunters, wait for prospective buyers who have forgotten to show up, listen to comments during visits, and deal with buyers who will not hesitate to point out the flaws of your property in order to reduce the asking price? It is a well-known fact that without the involvement of a broker it will be easier for a buyer to reduce the price.

By appointing a professional broker paid on commission, you will work with an agent who is committed to selling your property at the best price. The broker will undertake all the necessary actions for the success of their mandate. A commission-based broker is a guarantee of solidarity because their remuneration depends solely on closing a sales contract. In addition, the brokerage commission may be deducted from your real estate gain.

In short, the broker, as a seasoned negotiator with a solid network and in-depth knowledge and experience, is your ally. They will guide you throughout the entire selling process and will save you a lot of hassle and time.

Should a property be overvalued since the buyer will make an offer anyway?

The first few months of the sale of a property are decisive. You certainly need to keep a margin for negotiation, but asking for an off-market price will drive away any interested parties and your property will remain unsold.

It is, therefore, important to seek advice from a broker who knows the market in the area and who can advise you on the best possible price for your property.

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